Minimalistic Jewelry

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Disclaimer: Vacier is a real-life brand, owned by the company "Vacier". I am in no way associated with them.

A set of minimalistic jewelry created from scratch by me. Easy to install - follow the provided readme file

Featuring unitypacks to fit with:

Ace male base, CodeVein male base, Tori female base, Panda female base. Will fit other bases as well, but more tweaking may be necessary.

Separate mask is included for branded emission. Physbone preset included for one-click install

Bracelet - 4817 tris

Ring - 2394 tris

1 skinned mesh

This asset can be used on any private, public and/or free avatar. But may not be used commercially.

Terms of Use

By downloading and using this asset you agree to:

NOT claim this work as your own.

NOT use this asset on paid avatars (free avatars are allowed).

NOT upload any content containing this asset without credits (.jonto).

You are NOT allowed to sell this product as is. (as in re-uploading this jewelry set only.)

I want this!

Full set (Bracelet + Ring) - Separate FBX and Emission mask

3.65 MB


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Minimalistic Jewelry

16 ratings
I want this!